Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wake Up Cat: The Morning After Election Night

"Wake Up Cat" from YouTube.

Our cat Sky, practicing his pounce.

friend e-mailed this video to me last weekend. It seems especially appropriate, since I hoped to get some extra sleep this morning after putting in some long hours for election night.

My wife and I had tried to slowly adjust our cats' mealtimes to match setting the clocks back by an hour. Even so, it doesn't seem that they were ready to accept the idea of sleeping-in past their breakfast time.

I swear, the "Wake Up Cat" video seems like someone placed a sleep study camera in our home.

If you're interested, here's a second link to the video by animator Simon Tofield of Tandem Films.



Nancy said...

I LOL each time I watch this. Only cat owners can appreciate a paw in the ear to wake us up!

EdHeath said...

My mom told me about the times our fat cat "Hester" would jump on to the bed and walk over her, get close to her face and blast her with tuna breath - "meow", all while she tried to pretend to be asleep. This was when I was in college, but the cat never bothered me when I was home for summers or holidays.