Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Twanda Carlisle's Resignation Letter

ere's Twanda Carlisle's letter of resignation from Pittsburgh City Council filed with the City Clerk's office Tuesday afternoon. You can click on the image above to enlarge the view.

The letter makes no mention of her no-contest plea or the criminal charges in the kickbacks case against her, except for a reference to her salary having been frozen through "court proceedings".

In the letter, she thanks council members, staff, and residents of her council district and asks for prayers and support.



Char said...
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Char said...

"Volunteer my services"...???!!??!!

With her extreme arrogance and refusal to acknowledge any wrongdoing, any remorse .....she just keeps finding ways to make a bad situation worse.

Any small shred of pity or sympathy a citizen, peer, or even the judge may fleetingly have just gets slammed every time she opens her mouth.

We have a couple of others in city government with that same penchant.

Bob Mayo said...

FYI... A software glitch created two copies of the comment above--that's why I deleted one duplicate.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I feel that the City of Pittsburgh needs to merge in with Allegheny County. These small fiefdoms are not efficient in either operations or costs. I realize this comment is off topic, but felt it may be of interest.

Familyof2 said...

Hmm...I wonder how she will feel volunteering her services while in jail.