Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Part 3: Peduto

Councilman Bill Peduto:

Do Tuesday's results make it worth it for anyone to get into the 2009 Mayor's race?

• "I think--definitely, in the sense that you couldn't the numbers that DeSantis got, plus the other candidates, without over one-third of the democrats voting for these other candidates. Certainly the numbers are at an historic high for a republican and a historic low for a mayor, a democratic mayor."

• "I have to work with the administration to push an agenda next year on reform. I think that Luke has the opportunity to join me, and to be a partner with me in that. By doing the right thing, I think he's also doing the politically correct thing, because he's taking away issues which could be critical differences."

On cooperation and competition:

• "I have a very advantageous position. I can push an agenda that I think that this city needs. And the mayor is in a position where he--both politically and policy-wise--should be supporting it. So, I think that's going to be the interesting thing to watch in the next year."

• "And I'll tell you this, too. If I do decide to run, I'm going to run without a net. I'm going to give up my council seat and I'll run for mayor and put everything I have into it. And if I lose, I'll be out of politics. But if I choose not to run for mayor, I will run one more time for city council."

When will he have to decide?

• "After the presidential race is over. That said, conversations are always continuing. So, in many ways the race for 2009 has already begun. But in putting together the actual campaign and the structure itself--in 2008."

• "This past year... I had to withdraw when over 4 out of 5 people in the city of Pittsburgh said Luke was the better choice. Those numbers have dropped significantly. What was 4 out of 5 is now less than 2 out of 3. Where's it going to be a year from now? That's what I'll gauge it upon."

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