Monday, November 12, 2007

Crouching Lawyer, Hidden Attorney, Part 584: ...The Tale of the Snake

As I've said before: "following the Wecht case is like watching a martial arts film. As you read the court papers, you'll witness gleams of razor-sharp prose and rhetoric from lawyers on both sides."

Here then, are the first pages torn from the latest exchange. Clicking the images below will enlarge them.

From the prosecution:

"...In the fourth century, B.C., Aristotle first identified the logical problem of circular reasoning in Prior Analytics. Over two thousand years later, Wecht's lawyers have finally perfected the art of begging the question. To support the grave accusation that Mary Beth Buchanan, the United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, targeted Wecht for prosecution because of his political affiliation, Wecht's lawyers cite as "evidence" their own accusations that she did so. Rarely is the rhetorical snake so clearly seen swallowing its own tail as in this passage from p. 8 of Wecht's motion..."

From the defense:

"...the United States Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan ( Ms. Buchanan) evidently decided she did not, after all, want any part of a factual inquiry regarding whether her prosecution of Cyril Wecht, and associated failures to prosecute similarly situated Republicans, was motivated by political considerations on her part. Thus, Ms. Buchanan has now moved to strike the cross-motion of the defense for discovery and evidentiary hearings on the specific issue of whether she engaged in improper selective prosecution. In doing so, Ms. Buchanan attacks the views of Dick Thornburgh, who was the Attorney General of the United States under Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush, as faux facts and lies being disseminated on the ECF filing system in this case..."

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Anonymous said...


Thank you for continuing to inform us all on the happenings in this modern day real-life soap opera.

As someone that has followed the case, I am somewhat discouraged on what has occurred. When Former US Attorney General Thornburgh went to Congress, Mary Beth Buchanan released a public statement saying that the accusations should be filed in court where she could respond. Now the Wecht team has done so, and instead it appears Ms. Buchanan is stonewalling.

All in all, I would hope she would go on the record so all can move past this point relatively quickly. I also realize that if Ms. Buchanan did this act though, she may be put in a precarious position. You just do not know what will be asked by defense counsel.

Additionally, I would hope the court reins in these motions and personal attacks by both counsels. After all this case is suppose to be about the public's interests vs. Cyril Wecht, not Cyril Wecht's attorneys vs. Mary Beth Buchanan.

As always, just my opinion. Keep up the great work.