Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ethics Board Response

Sister Hughes, chairing an Ethics Board meeting.

You may recall my recent requests to Pittsburgh's Ethics Hearing Board.

Here's a response from the panel's chair, Sister Patrice Hughes.
On Monday, I'll be sharing with you my message back to her.

From: Sister Patrice Hughes
Sent: 11/13/2007 05:58 AM PST
To: Bob Mayo
Cc: Kathleen Buechel, Kate DeSimone [Blog note: DeSimone is an Assistant City Solicitor.], Rev. John Welch, Rabbi Daniel Schiff, Penny Zacharias
Subject: Sunshine Act

On behalf of the Ethics Hearing Board, I thank you for your prodding us to examine carefully the PA Sunshine Act as it refers to Executive Sessions. We are now very aware that information can be shared and discussions can be held, but no decisions can be made during these sessions. As ethical persons, we shall conform to the law.

Let me also thank you for the coverage that you have given to our meetings. You are keeping the public informed and adding to our credibility.

Sister Patrice Hughes



Bram Reichbaum said...

This gets to the heart of so many issues, it's frightening. Sister Hughes and the board sound like they have been conducting themselves with honor.

Love the teaser.

Char said...

So .... does this mean they will give you a copy of the Kate DeSimone memo or not? (One of your original requests)

Bob Mayo said...


Very good. :) Your question anticipates my message to the board, which I e-mailed Saturday and will be posting here tomorrow.

Stay tuned.