Saturday, January 17, 2009

Motznik: The Beginning of the End of an Era

he PG reports this afternoon:

Jim Motznik will give up his city council seat to run for district judge...

The Trib has more on the brewing political feuds.

Long before Allegheny County Executive
Dan Onorato began cybercasting...

... or Councilman Bill Peduto launched his
now-silent "Reform Pittsburgh Now",

Motznik briefly but memorably explored the wilds
of Pittsburgh's Burghosphere.

[Click to enlarge.]

His decision means Motznik's "boots on the ground" support of Mayor Ravenstahl in city council will be absent after December.

Not quite three weeks into 2009, it's apparent that 2010 will bring new alignments and alliances in the city council chamber.



Lady Elaine said...

Awwww. Will we be able to have any fun while Motznik runs for judge?

Lady Elaine

Bram Reichbaum said...

I always thought he should have kept at it ... but then again, now that he's running for district magistrate, yes that's probably the one good excuse I can think of not to blog. Bath robes are somewhat different than judicial robes.