Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Macintosh

wenty-five years ago, Apple's Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh computer. It arrived with an allure of magic in a world where computers were "business machines" that responded only to typing odd text combinations of forward and back slashes, colons, letters and numbers. Before Mac, if someone said they had a mouse on their desk, you'd tell them to call an exterminator. It was the Macintosh that brought the power of point-and-click control out from experimental labs and onto people's desktops. The high resolution images and the text it could display in different fonts were inspiring. Even its all-in-one design -- computer and screen united in one body -- was a marvel.

Here's a link to the Google News roundup of stories about the Mac's 25th anniversary.

Click the image below to reach a Wikipedia account of the Mac's early development.


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