Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sirk On Blogging No More

Excerpts From An E-Mail Exchange:

From: Bob Mayo [Reporter, WTAE]
Sent: Monday, October 01, 2007 4:49 PM
To: Sirk, Alecia [Press Secretary, Mayor's Office]
Subject: Blog request

[ Excerpt ]

Would you be willing to send me an e-mail sharing your thoughts about your personal blogging and about what went into your decision now to stop?

From: "Sirk, Alecia"
Sent: 10/02/2007 02:17 PM AST
To: Bob Mayo

Subject: RE: Blog request

[Excerpt In Response ]

There’s not much to tell. I loved blogging and certainly had fun with it – I hope folks took it that way. On stopping? Not only do I not have time now, but people would certainly be reading things into it that weren’t my intent in posting, and that might hurt someone else. Don’t ever want to do that.

As has been said on the blogs around the City – who have made me feel so great with their kind posts and comments – it’s just the price of my current business – along with regular lunch hour!

Thanks for the inquiry,


Alecia Sirk
Press Secretary
Office of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl

When Dick Skrinjar was Mayor Ravenstahl's press secretary, I'd occasionally encourage him to consider taking up blogging. He never did, though I've sometimes wondered if that suggestion led indirectly to Councilman Jim Motznik's brief venture into the burghosphere that ended as abruptly as it began.

In response to my posts here, Skrinjar would sometimes (jokingly, I think) preface his comments to me with the question "now, is this for a blog or is this for a TV news story?"

By now, you've read on The Burgh Report and the PG's Early Returns that Alecia Sirk, who was named as Dick Skrinjar's successor, has given up her blog.

Sirk's "Love of Chair" vanished suddenly on Sunday evening, following a Post-Gazette profile of her husband, URA Director-designate Pat Ford. The online version of the PG story had added a link to her blog shortly before "Love of Chair" disappeared. Fragments remain in Google's caching of its contents. Early Returns' Rich Lord posted this farewell memorial.



Anonymous said...

I read her blog before it was deleted. I thought the comments were rather strange. However, I think she made the right decision in pulling the blog in light of her new position.

Matt H said...

Anyone with a high profile job like that would be smart to not blog.