Monday, October 1, 2007

Guest Blogger Jon Greiner on "Bodies"

Guest Blogger

A while back I offered a couple of my fellow Channel 4 Action News reporters an invitation to share their guest blog posts here. Reporter Jon Greiner is the first taker. Jon's post appears below.

"Recently my wife and I traveled to Columbus, Ohio and saw the "Bodies" exhibit coming soon to the Carnegie Science Center. While it's generated a lot of controversy for issues connected to ethics, I'd like to offer an opinion I don't believe I've seen yet. It's overpriced! It costs $22 for adults and $16 for children. I know that the demand is there and that the exhibit will draw a couple hundred thousand people here, allowing the Science Center to make a lot of money for its worthwhile projects. But that doesn't change my mind that it's overpriced by about fifty per cent."

"It's not that we had a bad experience at the exhibit. In fact, since the display had been in Columbus since June, there were only about twenty people in all of the seven display rooms, so we could spend as much time viewing as we wanted. We finished in just under two hours. They'll issue tickets at fifteen minute intervals to spread out the crowds. But there's a lot to see and read, and it could get very frustrating standing two or three deep to take your turn at it."

"With regard to the controversy over the display of real human bodies, I can say that it was, in a word, strange. You can't help but wonder who these people were. But I wouldn't think to advise you on whether you should go. In my opinion, it wouldn't hold the attention of young children for long, but that's your call."

"I just wanted to suggest you try to find a way to get a discount on tickets, and especially to try to go during off peak hours. You'll be able to spend a lot more time at it that way, which you'll appreciate, especially if you've paid $76 or so for a family of four."

"Thanks to Bob for allowing me to borrow his blog space. If you have any specific question, pleas e-mail me at Hope you enjoy it!"

I'm happy to welcome Jon as our guest in the burghosphere. I'll be bringing you some fresh posts of my own soon.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the exhibit in Vegas. It was creepy and enlightening. It definitely made me want to take better care of my own body.