Friday, October 19, 2007

Going Backwards On Open Records?

The website PassOpenRecords.Org describes the PA House bill to change the Open Records Law this way:

•"Chapter 1 gets off to a great start by saying all the right things".


•"The next 20 pages pretty much eviscerate the noble principles set forth in the preamble."

See the post titled "Filleted" for the details of how things like expenses and audits could be exempted.

The "Looking Backward" post quotes Teri Henning, the general counsel of the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association. She warns that what came out of committee “is worse than current law . . . and our current law is one of the worst in the country. ”

A Patriot-News editorial headline reads: "House draft denies public access permitted under the current law". The Trib provides more details in this AP story.


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