Friday, February 9, 2007

A Quick Ethics Board Update: [(5 -1)-2]

Two members attended an orientation hosted by the City Solicitor at the Mayor’s office.

From this morning's Trib (10th down):

"Pittsburgh's Ethics Hearing Board met for the first time Thursday, more than a decade after it was created, but it couldn't form a quorum."

From the PG:

"The city of Pittsburgh's Ethics Hearing Board tried to meet yesterday for the first time in recent memory but did not have enough members present to take any action."


the comet said...

Mr. Busman,

Do you have any more intel than we do on things like:

Do we know for certain how to reach all the board members?

Did the absent members bother to RSVP in the negative?

How does the city go about removing and replacing members, if that becomes necessary?

Has the mayor / councilmembers been asked how they'll respond to this non-meeting?

Anonymous said...

Bob, I think you should lead the countdown to track the date when Luke finally gets his act together and manages to get a quorum of the ethics commission to meet. This is important. This is what he should be doing instead of posing for photo-ops and blowing out birthday candles.

Bob Mayo said...

Sorry for the delay in moderating comments (please see my "back up" post).

To Comet:

-I've reached each of them at various times,
-it's my understanding that they do RSVP,
-there are some appointments made directly by the Mayor, and others made by the mayor from a list of nominees submitted by council,
-they can resign, but I'm not clear on how they can be removed otherwise,
-I've heard nothing from council or the Mayor on this topic since the solicitor's meeting with two of the four remaining members.