Friday, February 16, 2007

Back Up, Back Up, Back Up

Hard Drive Woes

’ve not been posting this past week because my free time for computer tinkering has been dominated by problems with an older hard drive. It’s not supposed to make potato-chip-like crunching sounds, is it?

They warn that all computer hard drives will eventually fail, but over many years and computers I’ve not had it happen yet. This one appears to be headed that way. My attempts since my last blog post to back up all of the files on this drive have been foiled by freeze-ups. (That seems like an appropriate parallel to this week’s weather, doesn’t it?) I’ve picked up a program called “Data Rescue II” which should help me do the job.

I’m hoping to coax another half-year out of this several-years-old iMac until models with Mac OS Leopard start shipping. We’ll see.

Moral: I resolve to be much better about backing up my data than I’ve been over the past year (or two).

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