Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ethics, Security, & A Podcast

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Pittsburgh's Ethics Hearings Board (video link) meets this week. Here are a few items to bring things up to date since the last post on this topic.

• On February 1st, we aired this story on Channel Four Action News:

"...This afternoon Councilman Bill Peduto announced he's convening a meeting of the board at noon next Friday. Two hours later, Mayor Ravenstahl's office said he's convening an ethics board meeting at four, next Thursday."

"Peduto says he has power as a councilman to call the Ethics Board together. 'Absolutely. because I was the one who worked with Bob O'Connor in order to get the board back and activate it. My predecessor, my former boss Dan Cohen, was the person who wrote the ethics rules for the City of Pittsburgh. it's an issue i've been involved with for 12 years'."

"Mayor Ravenstahl's office says he has the executive power to call the meeting."

"It's not clear if the ethics board will attend both the Thursday and the Friday meetings."

• The next day, an Ethics Board member told me that Peduto had cancelled his attempt to convene the board this coming Friday. Our assignment desk later confirmed this with Peduto's office, which said that more members would be available to attend the meeting on Thursday.


There's a funny new "'I'm a PC', 'I'm a Mac'" ad. Take a second to check out the latest one here.

Dennis Roddy's latest podcast is his best yet. This edition of his audio journal explores the story of Molly Jean Dilts, who was the subject of his story in Sunday's PG.

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