Thursday, June 11, 2009

Council 'Compels' Mayor Ravenstahl to Appear

I'll post more on this later. Here's a link to my Channel 4 Action News report on City Council's vote compelling Mayor Ravenstahl to come before them and publicly discuss where he stands on the new Act 47 financial recovery plan for the city. The Trib and PG have accounts on their websites and I used Twitter to tweet short tweet headline updates during Tuesday's debate.

Council members chided the mayor for leaving to vacation at a beach without first giving his position on tax increases and service cuts in the new Act 47 plan. City Council and the Mayor face a deadline of the end of this month to approve the plan, which was not made public until the day after the primary election.

You can read the full text of the mayor's news release which arrived about 4:30 Tuesday afternoon; we have it posted in our story on The Pittsburgh Channel. Ravenstahl says he does not support any tax increase which would affect city residents alone. The mayor's statement doesn't say whether he'll obey council's vote compelling him to appear.


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