Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Buchanan Quotes on Wecht Case

Mary Beth Buchanan, US Attorney:

"I'm absolutely confident that it was the right prosecution to bring. This case has never been about anything other than criminal violations. This was a use of county resources -- a use of our taxpayer dollars -- for private gain. That's fraud, that's crime, and this case was worth bringing. And the evidence that we had at the time -- that we thought we had at the time -- would have supported those charges."


"He wasn't acquitted of anything; I mean it was a hung jury. So, six jurors were set to convict and six were not. However, everybody in our society is innocent until proven guilty. So, you know, as we stand today, he's still innocent. But I don't believe that, you know, having to do this all over again -- even with the tremendous criticism that has been dumped on this office -- I still believe that a crime was committed here and there was evidence to support that, and I would have brought this case. So, if I could have a do-over, I'd still bring the case."

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Anonymous said...

The man is innocent. No matter how Ms. Buchanan attempts to spin it. You need a jury of 12 of your peers to render a guilty verdict and such never occurred.

This entire debacle has been an extreme waste of taxpayers money and from Buchanan's press conference, it appears that she has a personal stake in the case.

Wonder who is truly guilty of misusing public resources?

Anonymous said...


Does Wecht have the ability to seek recovery of the money he spent in his defense from the Government? Since Wecht is innocent of the charges, does he have the ability to recover costs under the Hyde amendment?

Albert Torcaso said...
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Albert Torcaso said...

Justice has been done and I knew that Doctor Wecht was innocent all along.
This was not about innocence or guilt it was personal and it is good that it has ended. As for the doctor recovering court cost I feel that is the just thing to allow and it must happen.

But, since it may not happen I suggest that Doctor Cyril H. Wecht write a book about it and call it delusional justice since he was persecuted for no good reason at all.

Albert Torcaso

James said...


Dr. Wecht does have the possibility of collecting his trial costs via the Hyde Amendment. Although the bar related to the Hyde Amendment is high, Dr. Wecht has demonstrated beyond all else a perseverance in relation to seeking justice. If Dr. Wecht decides to continue the legal battle to collect his court fees, I believe he would prevail. Especially given the personal and vindictive tone of Ms. Buchanan's press conferences in relation to this case from start to finish.