Thursday, March 5, 2009

[Revised] Updating Mayoral Campaign Websites

Updating the Update: Maria at 2 Political Junkies has more details on our topic of mayoral campaign websites, including:

A link to Progress Pittsburgh, where "GrantStreetGossip" did some Twitter detective work and discovered that a North Carolina-based web designer was hired to create the new site for Mayor Ravenstahl campaign.

• A link to the web designer for the Robinson campaign's website.

When the Dowd campaign sent out a news release announcing its website, I did expect to see more content online there, though the site does promise more to come.

I'll close this update with one footnote: is the mayor's shoe untied in the photo on his website?

[We now rejoin our original blog post...]

Patrick Dowd's campaign sent out this update on its website, which initially was using Google's free Documents web-based software. The news release says, in part:

Dowd Campaign Launches Campaign Website, Hires Local Firm

"This week the Patrick Dowd mayoral campaign launched a website at The campaign hired local start-up Bearded Studio to develop the site design and functionality."

" 'Our web design team epitomizes a story we'd like to see repeated over and over again in this city. Two young people with an idea and some entrepreneurial spirit start and grow a business right here in Pittsburgh,' Dowd said. 'Our campaign is thrilled to find and engage great local talent." "

"Bearded Studio is a web development and graphic design studio founded by Matt Griffin and Michael Hellein in November 2008. Matt and Michael worked with other local companies before getting together to launch their own firm."

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's campaign website has put up a fresh splash page promising its own relaunch soon. The photo there appears to be the hands-on-the-hips image that was used by the mayor in his special election race two years ago and on the City of Pittsburgh's official website.

Carmen Robinson's website can lay claim to having the most content online the earliest in the 2009 mayoral race.

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