Monday, March 16, 2009

Twittering for Mayor

Here's a snapshot of the Twitter accounts of the three candidates for mayor in Pittsburgh's Democratic primary.

First Tweets:

Attorney Carmen Robinson: 1:24 PM Dec 16th, 2008 from web

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl: 7:03 PM Mar 4th from web

Councilman Patrick Dowd: 7:55 PM Mar 5th from web

Most Personal Tweets:

"We just read "Yertle the Turtle" for the umteenth time. It's great story every time and you gotta love that plain little turtle named Mack"
about 21 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Trying to send my wonderful hard working husband on vacation by himself for a needful rest. But he won't hear of it. Suggestions? I can't go.
about 23 hours ago from web


Number of people each candidate is following on Twitter:
Robinson 291

Dowd 54

Ravenstahl 6

Number of Twitter users following each candidate:
Robinson 147

Dowd 54

Ravenstahl 48

Number of updates posted by each candidate:
Dowd 22

Robinson 21

Ravenstahl 10

Ravenstahl's ten tweets to date are primarily invitations to events, campaign contacts, and links:

• "Join us at the St Patrick's Day Parade..."

• "Make phone calls from home, call 412-xxx-xxxx to find out how."

• "Pittsburgh ranked third greenest city: [link]."

Dowd's 22 tweets convey more of what the candidate is doing or thinking at the time:

• "Waiting for my colleagues. It would be good if we started on time."

• "When you go door knocking you meet the best people and hear powerful stories. This certainly held true today."

• "Going to Pgh Water & Sewer Authority Board mgt & will introduce a resolution calling for a plain English analysis of the 2008 Bond SWAP deal."

Robinson's 21 updates include interaction with other tweeters:

• "@ChachiSays I'm not typical.I became a lawyer by attending school durring the day and fighting crime at night.proof is in my past."

• "@LPT365 Thanks for your compliment. You a PGH. voter? Spread the word."

• "@mojustice we are still in negotiations. The first one will be in the middle of the month of April."

I welcome reader comments comparing the Twitter accounts of the three candidates. Any observations about who's following who? You're welcome to respond in comments here on the blog or on Twitter @bobmayo .


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