Friday, March 6, 2009

Twitchhiker heading through Pittsburgh

Watch The Twitchhiker mention Pittsburgh in this video

My wife called this to my attention. "The Twitchhiker" is planning to be in Pittsburgh by Sunday.

From POP CANDY today:

"Another sign Twitter is taking over the world: One guy has decided to use the service to help him travel across the globe. He calls himself the Twitchhiker.

On March 1, Paul A. Smith left his home in the UK. He hopes to make it to New Zealand "relying only on the goodwill of people using Twitter." (You can follow him at .)

Paul also started the project to raise money for charity. So far it seems to be working, and he flies to New York this week."

Quotes from his Twitter feed:

Quick recap: tomorrow > DC by bus, staying 1 night. Sunday > Pittsburgh by car - no idea what happens once I get there #twitchhiker
about 12 hours ago from web

And earlier:

@bandb_com Because I'm going to Pittsburgh with no contacts there. I'll be dropped on on Sunday... we'll see what happens! #twitchhiker
about 14 hours ago from web in reply to bandb_com

Here's a link to read the latest on his progress via Google News.


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