Monday, February 9, 2009

Shields: Not Running for Mayor

Pittsburgh Council President Doug Shields is not going to run for mayor.

Shields had both said last month that he was "seriously considering" entering the race.

Here's Shields' statement, e-mailed this afternoon:

"With the encouragement and support of many people, I have seriously considered running for Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh.  At this time, the right choice for me, for this Council, and for the people of Pittsburgh is to continue to serve as Council President.

City Council's positive image and strong record of accomplishment is very gratifying to me. Leadership means being willing to serve the bigger picture over personal ambition.  In these difficult economic times, we have serious financial and governance issues to work through.  As we face these many challenges, I believe that leading Council is how I can best serve the city.

What the citizens in Pittsburgh most need is a productive common agenda, not a divisive political campaign. I pledge to continue working in the best interests of the people who elected me."

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