Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To PittGirl: Moving Forward

Someone recently said to me of PittGirl, "I know who she is!" I didn't even ask.

"You know, she said if her identity were ever revealed, she'd stop blogging", I answered. The person assured me of having no intention of going public with the suspected information.

We left it at that.

The sad farewell of PittGirl to the Burghosphere reminds me of the rumor I heard as a child; it was spreading on the playground of Saint Basil Elementary School in Carrick. "There is no Santa Claus" -- some of my classmates seemed to take a self-satisfied pleasure in the momentary power of their bearing this news.

I remember being struck far more, though, by fellow grade-schooler Chuck Rodatis' impressive rebuttal to those who spread doubt about how Santa got into everyone's homes. "He doesn't come down the chimney", said Chuck. "He has skeleton keys."

I look forward to the retconning of PittGirl's story line and hope for a reappearance of "Jane Pitt" in the new year.

[Additional PittGirl reading: Dennis Roddy in the PG; Woy of Have a Good Sandwich with the best roundup of Pittsburghers' reactions.]


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Anonymous said...

I haven't read or heard this much hullabaloo about a Pittsburgh Website since Grant street 99 - Pittsburgh's original blog. I recall the author of that site was dragged through the courts, as well as the mud, in an attempt to expose his identity. It's sad to say, but perhaps PittGirl is doing the right thing if indeed here identity was threatened to be outed and she feared any sort of retaliation. I wish her the best.