Monday, March 31, 2008

Clinton, Scaife: "So Happy Together" Part 2

Richard M. Scaife -- the owner of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review -- sat in as a columnist for his paper to offer praise for Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton. "Hilllary, reassessed" offers his reflections on meeting with her at the Trib's editorial board.

Scaife writes:

• "Sen. Clinton also exhibited an impressive command of many of today's most pressing domestic and international issues. Her answers were thoughtful, well-stated, and often dead-on."

• "Does all this mean I'm ready to come out and recommend that our Democrat readers choose Sen. Clinton in Pennsylvania's April 22 primary?

• "No -- not yet, anyway. In fairness, we at the Trib want to hear Sen. Barack Obama's answers to some of the same questions and to others before we make that decision."

The New York Times reports on it here, and you can use these Google News and blog search links to track the rest of the mainstream media and the blogosphere reactions.

The White House photo above illustrated a 1999 Washington Post profile of Scaife as "Funding Father of the Right".

Back in November, I posted "Clinton, Scaife: So Happy Together" , noting the Newsweek story about the peacemaking between the former president and the Trib publisher.


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