Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Wecht Trial -- A Sampler

Today is Day 13 of the Wecht Trial and while I've been blogging about the details from courtroom, I've also been writing about it here in my personal blog in the months leading up to it. They provide an interesting look into the thinking behind the questions that prosecution and defense attorneys are asking in the courtroom.

Here's a sampling of those posts. If you click on the pictures below, they'll take you to the individual entries.

Meanwhile, there are some interesting developments at the other end of Grant Street. Pittsburgh Comet Citizen journalist Bram Reichhbaum did some liveblogging himself from City Council chamber on the digital billboard controversy.

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Bob Mayo said...

Bram Reichbaum of the Pittsburgh Comet writes:

"Thanks for the shout-out. I would be making a bigger deal out of your thumb-blogging and video reporting ... but the whole Cyril Wecht subject matter is putting us to sleep."

"I was excited by the legal and personality jujitsu at first as well ... but now I feel like yeah, I'll wait for the verdict."

Bram goes on to share his gut instinct on whether or not Wecht is guilty, which I won't post here; that's in line my past approach of moderated comments for this blog. (Sorry, Bram.) He closes by writing:

"Can't wait 'till you bring the thumb-blogging pain to City Council!"