Wednesday, May 2, 2007

UPDATED Skrinjar Post: No One In The Wings?

UPDATE: At 10:35am, the mayor's office e-mailed a news release announcing that the Press Secretary position is being publicly posted for applicants today.

(Snapshot from job description on city website. Despite the listed physical demands,
that's not to suggest the job does not involve "heavy lifting".)

It may take as long as a full month to fill the sudden vacancy created by Dick Skrinjar's removal from his post as Mayor Ravenstahl's Director of Communications.

Speaking briefly with reporters following an unrelated event, the Mayor said "the next four weeks, there will be a decision made".

While it's not unusual for a mayor to bring in his own team, it is unusual to vacate a key position without a new player waiting immediately in the wings. Skrinjar was one of three people affected by a shakeup in the mayor's office last Friday.

The Director of Communications job is not currently posted on the city Personnel Department's Online Employment Center website, nor are the other vacated positions. (See update above; the job was added the day after this blog post first appeared.)

In contrast, the names of Dick Skrinjar, Marlene Cassidy, and Anna Dobkin were removed from the mayor's office website the same day that they were removed from the mayor's staff.

Compare Google's snapshot of the mayor's office staff web page...

(Click to Enlarge)

...with the way the that page looked by Saturday morning.

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Bob Mayo said...
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Bob Mayo said...

The final graphic was apparently deleted when I updated this post. I've restored the "after" snapshot of the mayor's staff webpage.