Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Thank You

At the Quills with WTAE photographers John McKee (L) and John Hoffman (R)

These were my remarks when I received the Press Club's Service To Journalism Award at the Golden Quill Awards Monday night.

"Thank you very much. I'm very honored to receive this award."

"I want to thank the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania, and the Golden Quill Awards Committee."

"I also want to thank WTAE management and my co-workers for giving me the opportunity to do a job I love and pleasure of working with them. Thanks also to my wife, Yvonne for her support and her understanding of what this job demands. I want to thank Ginny Frizzi of Point Park University. It was Ginny who encouraged my involvement in SPJ and the Press Club years ago. Her dedication and service to these organizations over the years is phenomenal."

"Time goes quickly. I started out as the young guy in his twenties, covering Grant Street; now I'm covering the guy in his twenties on Grant Street."

"One thing that has meant a lot me over the years is taking part in organizations like the Society of Professional Journalists and the Press Club."

"They give us the chance, outside of the the pressure of daily deadlines, to examine at what we do, learn more, and try to do a better job as journalists. To the extent I've been able to be a part of that work over the years--in service to journalism--is an honor in itself."



Judge Rufus Peckham said...

Congratulations for this well-deserved award. The blogosphere is fortunate to have you making a contribution.

The Burgher said...


Richmond K. Turner said...

Well deserved in every way, Bob. Congrats!

Maria said...


Bram Reichbaum said...

Press Club "Service to Journalism" Award ... I'm confused, did you receive this for your work at TAE, or the Holiday?

Anonymous said...

For the past 20 years, Bob Mayo has been the undisputed master of Grant Street coverage and a model for what's good about journalism. A long overdue honor.

Dennis Roddy

Bob Mayo said...

Thank you all very, very much. I'm grateful for all of the kind words of support.

Bram, the Service to Journalism Award is "in recognition of outstanding career achievement and contributions to Western Pennsylvania journalism". It honors a recipient's body of work and activities related to the profession.

Cris Hoel said...

Congratulations, Bob. For me, your body of work reaches as far back as WPGH . . . radio, not television. Keep up the good work. This town needs first-rate journalism, even if it customarily doesn't know it.