Saturday, April 14, 2007

Police Side-Jobs: Weekend Update

I was off on Friday and didn't get to cover the story, but Pittsburgh's Police Bureau has announced details of how it will get a handle on city officers' side-jobs. Details are in the Trib and PG. Jeremy Boren's Trib story states the fee to be collected by the city will feed money into the police union's legal defense fund.

A footnote: I finally was able to get information from Philadelphia's police public affairs unit about how such work is handled there. Since I'm writing this at home and don't have my notes with me. I believe their spokesman told me that all secondary police employment for Philadelphia officers is booked through their city only. The businesses pay Philadelphia for the service, and the city pays the officers who--as a result--are working for Philly, not those businesses. Philadelphia also requires its officers to get approval for any out-of-uniform side-jobs. Certain jobs are prohibited: working as a bouncer, for example. My previous post on how it's done some other cities is posted here.

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Jason Phillips said...


What will paying the officers through the city do to their pensions? Although I feel that paying the officers through the city is the best way to COA in terms of liability I still wonder if we are setting ourselves up for future hardship.