Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Podcast Listening Suggestion

Check out this recent podcast by the PG's Dennis Roddy. It includes a great glimpse into the sometimes intriguing, sometimes frustrating give-and-take behind simple 'no comment' quotes. The podcast itself is an interesting look at how politicians and their allies use legal maneuvers to knock opponents off the ballot.

I always enjoy checking out his podcasts, but I wish the Post-Gazette would make it easier to locate its links to the latest "Dennis Roddy's Audio Journal". For a while they were listed among the paper's other podcasts, but now the most recent ones aren't. It turns out that the only link is this teensy-tiny text in a small box on the PG's home page. The text is so small, I would never have guessed it was clickable, had it not been pointed out to me. It's a good "Web Extra" feature and it shouldn't be so hard to find. This link should work for future reference (though it sometimes comes up blank).

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