Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Motznik Mash-Up: Ravenstahl & Peduto

Peduto Denies Motznik Claim, Ravenstahl Responds To Both Councilmen

I’m trying something different for my latest podcast.

Councilman Jim Motznik says he has decided to go along with the Mayor’s request and stop blogging. Despite the brief life of the ‘Motznik Speaks Out’ blog, he’s generated the first opportunity to podcast a point/counterpoint of the competing mayoral candidates. You can click on the icon below to go to my podcast page for the Luke Ravenstahl/Bill Peduto five-minute audio mash-up.

They’re presented in chronological order. First, Peduto responds to Motznik, then Ravenstahl comments on Motznik and responds to Peduto.

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