Saturday, December 16, 2006

Why “The Busman’s Holiday”?

Wikipedia: “Busman's holiday is an informal term for a vacation during which one engages in an activity that is similar to one's usual work.”

hy would someone who writes and reports for a living be spending time during his vacation writing and reporting?

Chalk it up to curiosity about this form of self-publishing as a means of personal expression. I’ve long enjoyed using my Mac computers, both at home and while working in the field. I pack my own PowerBook in my briefcase and use it daily. Now I’ve decided to tap into the potential of computer applications like iWeb in Apple’s ‘iLife’ suite to learn more about what they—and I—can do.

This may involve rummaging through my boxes of old audio cassettes to bring new life to a bit of local history. Check out my podcasts page for a sample. The blog can also provide a place to share more expansive quotes or observations from stories I'll be covering. Then again, time and experience may lead this project in directions entirely unrelated to my work in journalism. (Norwegian Forest Cat photo pages, anyone? )

I have great respect for those bloggers who are so prolific and creative that they’re posting through the day with charm and passion. I imagine that this site will be more of an open workshop than a daily ‘must read’ that's in their league. You’re welcome to stop by now and then and see what I’m up to. I'll experiment with providing moderated reader comments as the blog develops.

Thanks for stopping by.


Connie said...

nice job Bob -- looking forward to reading more.

Connie and Dennis (at work)

Awesome Comet said...

Welcome, welcome!

ninelives said...

Looks Good Bob! I have been watching you for years on WTAE. It is refreshing to see someone of your caliber and experience dabbling in what is called at times the next generation of main stream media. I look forward to seeing more. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

danabrown said...

Bob Mayo! Welcome to the blogosphere! I look forward to reading your dabblings.