Friday, September 11, 2009

Notes From Permit Lawsuit

• Alleges defendants "have unduly restricted or failed to recognize their right to peacably demonstrate in traditional public forums during the G-20 summit".

• Asks for a temporary restraining order and/or preliminary injunction.

Defendants are:

-US Secret Service

-City of Pittsburgh

-PA Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources

At issue:

-refusal to issue permits for use of Point State Park during entire week of the G-20 Summit

-failure to actually issue permits to plaintiffs for 1st Amendment protected activities,

-refusal to issue a permit to the Thomas Merton Center authorizing a march and assembly in downtown that is less than 0.7 miles away from the convention center on the afternoon of Friday, September 25th.

-refusal to allow demonstrators to erect overnight encampments and "tent cities" as a form of symbolic protest in Pittsburgh's parks, including Point State, Schenkey, East, and Riverfront Parks.


-Code Pink

-3 Rivers Climate Convergence

-Thomas Merton Center

-Pittsburgh Outdoor Artists

-Bail Out the People

-G6 Billion Journey & Witness

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