Monday, October 20, 2008

Problem Listening to the Costa & Victor Q&A Audio? Try This Video

UPDATE: Check out the video file version of the Costa Q&A and let me know what you think. Because this blog is my personal hobby, I don't use WTAE's raw video -- the audio is from my personal recorder. The "video" is simply a screenshot of Costa with a brief title caption. Meanwhile, the audio files are working again -- but service could go down if the host's bandwidth limits are exceeded. My original posts continue below.

A few minutes ago I discovered that the audio links in my last blog post are no longer working. What went wrong?

I was using an older Google service called GooglePages to host the mp3 files. It seems that the size of the audio files aren't a good match for bandwidth limits of that free service. When I tried to check the files directly, I got the error message you see above.

Maybe I should add video captions to the audio files and upload them to YouTube.

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