Thursday, June 19, 2008

So, Where's My Blog?

I've been on a break here for a couple of weeks. Because I do this as a hobby and not as an assignment, I have that luxury. I thought I might benefit from standing back a bit from The Busman's Holiday and considering whether to make any changes.

My interest in blogging started with a desire to explore what sorts of things I could do in this medium. That's included offering additional details on stories I cover -- providing readers with looks at the raw material of news gathering, e-mails, court documents, and extended Q&A sessions. My blogging tends to be more motivated by the enjoyment of creating the posts than anything else.

My interests in covering local government and politics mean there's a lot of focus on Grant Street here. While I'm a general assignment reporter, I don't really have a taste for "crime blogging", for example. I've been thinking about the fact that the accumulation of my posts may create expectations about content. If I broadened into a wider range of topics, how would that be received?

Because I moderate reader comments, there's not the opportunity to build the momentum of readers interacting on this blog. I moderate the comments because -- as a reporter -- I don't feel comfortable hosting the occasional anonymous allegations or attacks that can pop up in an unmoderated environment. The downside is that I don't benefit from the potential for immediate response. I do enjoy feedback from readers and other bloggers about what I write here. Let me know what you think.



Burgher Jon said...


I regularly enjoy the blog. It's great to see follow-up information on your stories (or even to be aware of your stories, since I am usually out of town and can't watch them). I hope you'll be back to regular posting soon.

I understand the need, as a non-annonymous public figure to keep comments moderated. Many people, unfortunately, don't understand that blog owners have little to do with comments and might attribute offensive remarks to you.

Burgher Jon

Bram Reichbaum said...

What interests you interests us. Occasionally you have threatened to blog more often about cats or puzzles, but somehow you always find your way back to Grant Street. I'm guessing you will continue to do that, but don't shy away from breaking out on our account.

Anonymous said...

The moderation of the comments leaves me to visit this blog last if at all. Moderated blogs die and early death.