Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My "Something to Be Desired" Cameo

Thanks to Justin Kownacki for the invitation to tape a seconds-long guest appearance for his web series, "Something to Be Desired".

He's the talented creator, writer, and director of this online sitcom shot and set here in Pittsburgh. Justin's assembled a clever, creative ensemble and they've been doing the show for five seasons now. This year, "Something to Be Desired" was a Best Series finalist for The Yahoo! Video Awards.

My STDB doppelganger makes a sudden appearance in the final minutes of the latest episode.

Here are links to Post-Gazette and Trib articles about Kownacki and his show:

PG: Web of desire: Weekly online sitcom/soap examines lives of young adults in Pittsburgh

Trib: The link: Justin Kownacki

One caution for readers and viewers, as Adrian McCoy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette noted, "STBD is for mature viewers -- there are adult situations, content and explicit language."

Here are two links:

"What is Something to Be Desired?"...

...and the latest episode in which I fleetingly appear, "The Celebration".


1 comment:

Justin Kownacki said...

Thanks for lending us a hand with this episode, Bob. We need a touch of the dramatic (or melodramatic) every so often, to help balance our esoteric sitcom-edy.