Thursday, September 13, 2007

Resignation Letter Shockwaves...In San Francisco?

Another Mayor Is Cleaning House

"...Request for resignation letters has sent shock waves through City Hall".

This story is not about Pittsburgh. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is shaking things up in his city, too.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

"Although he refused to say how many resignation letters he plans to accept, City Hall observers say the mayor is probably targeting a handful of individuals he wants to remove from their posts, but doesn't want to have to publicly fire".

There's more in this story about their mayor:

"...who is running for re-election in November but faces no serious political threat in the race, told department heads and commissioners in letters Monday that the request signals his desire to 'make bold changes in the coming term.'"

...and there's analysis in this editorial:

"...department heads, aides and commission appointees have until Friday to offer their resignations - and he'll decide which ones to accept."

You can check out Mayor Newsom's two letters here and here.

An Astrologer/Blogger there is blaming Pluto and a solar eclipse.

Meanwhile, there's a video online of my Channel 4 Action News story about Mayor Ravenstahl's city government shakeup. I can't provide a direct link, but one appears within this Pittsburgh Channel story.



EdHeath said...

I got nine out of ten on the show biz quiz (missed the obvious Woody Allen question because I thought he had directed The Front).

So the Mayor ended the ninety day ordeal. Did the city suffer at all, or even notice? Some time was wasted, and I hope no money was wasted on headhunters. In the end there was a little re-shuffling, of what strikes me as a benign sort of nature. Apparently Pat Ford causes some stir in the Burgosphere from people who pay more attention than me. By the way, did the city ever get an EEO officer?

I almost wonder if someone, somewhere, intervened and told the Mayor he had to stop this particular nonsense.
I guess that's not a truth we common folk could handle.

Meanwhile the San Francisco papers didn't even credit us with the idea of firing everybody.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Yes, there was a good deal lost in the silly folly of Luke's leadership. Luke's tenure is started with wind in his sails -- and he led the city onto the rocks.

The storm was made by him and something that could have been prevented.

Luke's tenure is now in question. He'll need to pull his career out of the toilet. Or, he'll need to jump in due time to a lower-pressure, more long-term job with more stability -- such as state senate or administration in some other aspect of goverment.