Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thumb Blogging

I've gone too long without blogging. It's been a holiday from "The Holiday", so to speak. I'm breaking the ice with this note which I'm posting via GMail on my BlackBerry. The tradeoff with this form of mobile blogging is that there are no graphics. (The image above was added later. ) There's also the factor of typing with your thumbs that comes with writing on a BlackBerry. Instant electronic access may be addicting for some, but thumb-typing certainly isn't so for me.

I have a couple of SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) projects coming up that will be taking some of my limited free time; my solution may be to start blogging about them as they develop.

I may also experiment with some shorter and more wide-ranging posts. Over the years, I've always enjoyed reporting on city government and that's certainly been reflected in my choice of posts here. But I really never planned on those city-related topics to dominate here to the extent they have. So, while not backing away from that, I do want to make an effort to add to the mix.

I recently offered a couple of my fellow Channel 4 Action News reporters the invitation to share guest blog posts here. There's been some interest, but no takers so far.

I've managed to type this out while waiting for my Crispani order, so this wasn't a bad use of time.

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