Sunday, June 24, 2007

iPhone & Leopard

Click image to check out the iPhone tour page.

Later this week, Apple debuts its much anticipated iPhone. An interesting guided tour of how it works is now online...

... and so is this funny satire on YouTube.

As neat as the iPhone is, I'm not sure I'm up for changing carriers just yet. I'm also not sure about spending money that could go towards buying a new desktop computer soon. I'm trying to get more mileage out of the aging hard drive in my iMac, until the next Mac OS X--Leopard--is released this fall.

Click image to see Mac OS X Leopard features.

Leopard itself is promising some great new features and flashy graphics. The one thing I'm not sure I like is the new set of folder icons for music, movies, and other items in Leopard's Home Folder. I've only spotted a glimpse of them, but they strike me as subdued when compared with the eye candy of the new Dock, Cover Flow, and Quick Look.

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EdHeath said...

Does anyone remember the Newton. I remember Doonesbury had a series of strips on how accurate the handwriting recognition was.

David Pogue, on the online NYTimes,
has a video almost as cute (as the one here) on the iPhone. People are clammering to see it until he points out it is only on AT&T and the battery is sealed in the unit.
Well, the Macintosh has gone through a few versions since its original 128K release.